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4K TV Technology – OLED, LED, LCD and more


You might have heard the word 4K tossed around a lot in the past year especially during tech expos and conventions. So 4K is a resolution basically and is measured in pixels starting at 1920×1090 resolution also referred to as 1080p or FullHD display. Now 4K displays are somewhere around…

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How LED Lighting Saves Electricity

The LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) is simple solid state electronic device that permits electricity to flow through it in one direction to create a small amount of light and thus are extremely energy-efficient. When it first developed, LEDs were constrained to single-bulb use in applications, for instance, pen lights, instrument…

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What is Lighting Design?

Lighting Design is the art of setting up up light arrangement to create an art no difference from a painting design or any other interior and exterior decorations. We can explain further this details by exploring more infos on this post…

Phillp’s CLUE Lighting Competition Results

The Latest Philip’s Clue Lighting Competion has ended and different participant across the world have joined the said event to provide different beauty of their own Lighting designs.